Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reading Responce on The Outsiders

The book The Outsiders talks a lot about these two gangs the Socs and the Greasers one of lower class one of higher class. This book relates a lot to the world around us the Crips and the Bloods are always battling it out on Halloween. But the main character Ponyboy goes through his hatred of the Socs not just on Halloween. Ponyboy is not necessarily part of the Greaser but, since his hair is so greasy he is assumed to be part of the gang the Greasers. Ponyboy’s parents died and because of this he didn’t really have a male role model, his older brothers took care of him but they were not, the type of role model he needed. He needed a dad to guild him and help him out. Since his father is dead his older brother Darry had to step into his father shoes and take his place. This book The Outsiders shows the impact a loss in the family can have on can have on the loved ones, it also proves that you can be friends with anyone you want no matter where they are from, and this book also shows that even in hard times your love ones will help you see it through.    

Ponyboy’s parents died in a car crash, so the three Curtis brothers live together by themselves, an arrangement possible only as long as they stay out of trouble.” (Chapter 1). When Ponyboys parents died Ponyboy’s oldest brother Darry who is 22years old took over, taking care of Ponyboy and his other brother Sodapop. Darry is part of the Greasers he is the leader of the Greasers. Even though Darry is the leader he cares for his bother Ponyboy who lacks common sense. Ponyboy is the youngest of all the brothers and Darry is strict and is pretty harsh on him. Darry is strict on Ponyboy and since Ponyboy lacks common sense, it frustrates Darry. In one point of the book "Darry slaps Ponyboy” (Chapter 3) even before this event Ponyboy felt that he was not wanted when this happened “He feels sure now that Darry does not want him around” (Chapter 3). I have a strong feeling if their parents did not die this would have not happened because Darry wouldn’t have to be put in charge of taking care of  two brothers when he himself is a child. Even though he 22 years of age he is still a child. And this reminds me of when teenage girls get pregnant they are kids themselves and they have to care for a child that they are bringing into the world.

Ponyboy is supposedly a Greaser because Greasers are known for having such greasy hair and are of lower class. The Greasers fear the Socs who are of higher class. Ponyboy in the beginning of the book judges the Socs because he had gotten jumped and beat up by the Socs. “The Corvair pulls up beside Ponyboy and five Socs climb out and surround him. One of them asks, “Need a haircut, greaser?” and pulls out a blade. The Socs begin to beat up Ponyboy, who screams for help. Ponyboy’s brothers and the rest of their group appear on the scene and chase away the Socs” (Chapter 1) ever since this experience even before this Ponyboy disliked the Socs. “The Mustang belongs to Bob and Randy, Cherry’s and Marcia’s Soc boyfriends. “The Mustang pulls up beside the group, and Randy and Bob get out. Ponyboy notices that Bob wears three heavy rings on his hand. The greasers and Socs nearly get into a fight, but the girls agree to leave with their boyfriends to prevent violence. Before leaving, Cherry tells Ponyboy that she hopes she won’t see Dally again, because she thinks she could fall in love with him” (Chapter 3). This quote describes how all encounters between male greasers and male Socs result in violence, whereas encounters between male greasers and female Socs sometimes end in laughter and flirtation.  This quote also shows that you can be friends with whomever you want no matter where they are from even though Cherry is from the Socs gang and Ponyboy is part of the Greasers they are still friends and they still want to hang out with eachother and I give them a lot of respect. This book shows bravery even though Cherry is the girlfriend of the leader of the Socs and Ponyboy is part of the Greasers they still want to be friends. They both enjoy reading and they both enjoy watching the sunsets and I honestly do not see what the problem is. Be friends with whoever you want to be friends with don’t let anybody stop you.

As I have said before Ponyboys parents died and this was a great impact. His brothers are doing so much for him and it shows what family is for. “She asks what became of Sodapop, and although the admission embarrasses him, Ponyboy says that Sodapop dropped out of school to work in a gas station.” (Chapter 2).  The key words in this are Sodapop, dropped, out, school, work, and gas station these are the key words to this quote it shows passion and love to his brothers. Sodapop is 16 years old and Darry is 22 years old this shows kindness the younger brother dropped out to support his family. His family is his brothers this made me so happy but sad, happy that he cared enjoy to drop out instead of Darry and sad that he had to end his education and his learning experience.

This book The Outsiders shows the impact a loss in the family can have on can have on the loved ones, it also proves that you can be friends with anyone you want no matter where they are from, and this book also shows that even in hard times your love ones will help you see it through. This book is so realistic it reminds me so much of where I live. I do not live in a poor neighborhood but I do have gangs and they are always fighting around Red Hook on Halloween they brawl killing everyone on sight and they do not like each other. The girls are always hooking up with the guys on the other gang and they get into a lot of trouble. This is what shows friendships so what if you’re from different backgrounds I still think that you have similar characteristics and can still be friends. As I kept reading and think about how Darry takes care of his brothers I was think about Sold in Sold one of the characters has a baby and the girl is only 14 and she has to take care of her child. Darry remind me of her she worked with no education trying to pay for her child to live. Even though Darry is in school with not much education he is doing whatever he can to help his brother Ponyboy it may not seem like it as our reading but his is trying to look out for him.     

P.S-Ms.Galang I sent you a Facebook message saying it would be due by today, and not yesterday. I only wrote about the first half of the book because, I didn't want to hand it in to late.

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